Get answers to some of the most common questions about the IELTS test.

How long are IELTS results valid for?

Generally speaking, IELTS results are valid for 2 years. However, each organisation is free to set a validity period that works for their purposes, so you should always check the validity period for the organisation you’re applying to. Read more here.

How soon can I retake the test if I don’t get the band score I need?

You can apply to retake the test as soon as you feel ready. However, you should do some more preparation before you retake the test; otherwise, it’s very unlikely that your score will improve very much.

Can I write in capital letters?

It’s a good idea to write your Listening and Reading answers in capital letters. This is especially important if you’re doing the paper-based IELTS test because you need to make sure that the marker can read your handwriting easily.

In the Writing section, however, you should use regular upper- and lower-case letters. This is because you need to show that you can use punctuation (and capital letters) correctly.

When will I get my results?

If you take the paper-based IELTS test, you’ll get your results 13 days after you take the test. For the computer-delivered one, it’s 3–5 days after the test.