Vocabulary: Air Travel

Learn key vocabulary related to air travel.

captain (n.)B1the person in charge of a planeThis is your captain speaking.
security (n.)B1a place at an airport where officials make sure you don’t have anything illegal in your bagsThere was a long line at airport security.
budget (adj.)B1low-costBudget airlines have made travel within Europe very affordable.
connection (n.)B1a second (or third, etc.) flight that a passenger takes to continue their journeyI missed my connection.
lounge (n.)B1an area in an airport where passengers can sit and relax while they wait for their flightI like to get to the departure lounge nice and early.
declare (v.)B1+to tell customs officers at the airport that you’re bringing goods into the country that you might have to pay tax onDo you have anything to declare?
gate (n.)B1+the place in an airport where passengers get on and off a planePlease proceed to Gate 7.
airline (n.)B1+a company such as Emirates and British Airways that carries passengersI refuse to fly with budget airlines.
crew (n.)B1+the people who work on a plane (i.e. pilots and flight attendants)The crew would like to welcome you aboard.
board (v.)B1+if a plane is boarding, it means that people are allowed to start getting onFlight 571 to London is now boarding.
landing (n.)B2the action of bringing a plane down to the groundThe plane needed to make an emergency landing.
departure (n.)B2the act of leaving a placeWe sat in the departure lounge until our flight was called.
take-off (n.)B2the moment at which a plane leaves the groundI always feel very nervous during take-off.
flight attendant (n.)B2some who looks after passengers during a flightShe’s a flight attendant with Emirates.
terminal (n.)B2a building at an airport where passengers arrive and leaveYour flight leaves from Terminal 1.
descent (n.)B2+the action of a plane coming downPlease fasten your seat belts – we’ve started our descent into Tokyo.
runway (n.)B2+a long narrow road at an airport from which planes take off (and land)We had to wait on the runway for more than 20 minutes.
altitude (n.)B2+the height of something above sea levelPlanes generally fly at an altitude of around 30,000 feet.
turbulence (n.)B2+movement of a plane during flight caused by sudden changes in wind directionTurbulence always makes me feel ill.
upgrade (n.)B2+when someone is given a better seat than the one they bookedI was offered an upgrade when I checked in.
long-haul (adj.)C1a flight over a very large distance (e.g. London to Sydney)My legs really ache during a long-haul flight.
airfare (n.)C1the price of a plane ticketAirfares are really expensive at the moment.
stopover (n.)C1a short stay somewhere to break up a longer flightI had a stopover in Singapore.
surcharge (n.)C1money that you’re charged in addition to the basic priceThere’s a surcharge for carry-on luggage.
baggage carousel (n.)C1a moving belt from which you pick up your bagsI had to wait for ages at the baggage carousel.